GMO’s: What are They and Are They Safe?

No GMOs, David Gould, Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Monsanto, Non GMO ProjectWhat are GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)? What is the science behind GMO’s? Are they safe? How do they effect bio-diversity and agriculture? How common are GMO’s? These are some of the questions the public has when it comes to GMO’s in our food supply. Listen in as Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. begins a two-part conversation with David Gould, biological and food scientist trained at MIT, about GMOs.

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  1. Thanks for this interview, Ellen! I feel better prepared to articulate and discuss why GMOs are not good for our health or for our ecosystems. Clear explanations and specific examples are provided here by David Gould.

  2. Kristin,

    So glad you enjoyed it! Tune in this week for more.

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