Podcast: Turning on Teens to Health and Wellness: An interview with HealthCorps’ Coordinators

healthcorpscoordinators, HealthCorps, Dr. Oz, Ellen Goldsmith, Health Currents RadioThe heart of HealthCorps programs are its enthusiastic, energetic, and committed coordinators who work with teens in 66 school programs across the United States. Today Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. interviews HealthCorps coordinators from local Portland, Oregon high schools.Amy Barras, coordinator at Benson High School and Kellie Cooke, at Cleveland High School join together to share their stories of empowering teens with tools and skills to build mental resilience, physical fitness, and healthy nutrition. They have developed dynamic programs for their students including a newly designed Health and PE program and Wellness Center known as Fit2Live&Learn.  Students have lost hundreds of pounds, run health and wellness fairs, influenced families, and been active in their schools and communities in promoting health. Join us and get fired up about what you can do too.

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