Podcast: Will the Hospitals Ever Serve Healthy Food? An Interview with Emma Sirois and Eecole Copen, RD

fal2007_farmers_market_in_mid-octoberDo you want healthier food in hospitals? Emma Sirois and Eecole Copen, RD are working in Portland, Oregon to bring whole, fresh and healthy sustainable food into the hospital system. Ms. Copen manages the Farmers Market at Oregon Health Sciences University and Ms. Sirois directs Oregon’s Physicians for Social Responsibility Healthy Food in Healthcare programs, working with physicians and institutions to raise the bar on food and sustainability.

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  1. This interview with Eecole Copen and Emma Sirois was incredibly informative and thanks to people like this who are making these incredible changes in our Health and well being especially with culinary medicine!

  2. Thank you. Lao Tzu said, ” One grain, ten thousand grains.” Eecole Copen and Emma Sirois, along with their teams are sowing the seeds for healthier people, in hospitals and out. Thank you for the great work they are doing

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