Podcast: Stress 2.0: New Skills for Your Health

Stress 2.0: What you can do!

samantha brody, ND, Stress 2.0You are not alone, stress is part of life – sometimes it makes us stronger and sometimes it wears us down. Do we need it? Yes.

Can we change how we respond to it? Yes. That is where Stress 2.0 comes in.

Today we are speaking with Dr. Samantha Brody, naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist to understand more about stress and what you can do about it. Do the daily choices we make about what we eat, our exercise, and rejuvenation have an impact on our capacity to deal with and regulate the stress we experience? Absolutely!

Dr. Samantha, takes us through how we can take charge of our lives, understand how stress affects us and presents a way of breaking it down to what we can control, what we cannot and what we can do for ourselves.stress reduction, stress, Dr. Samantha Brody

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