This is the first class in a the new seasonal series:

East meets West in the Kitchen:

Our local Oregon bounty meets Chinese medicinal and culinary philosophy in a hands-on cooking classes that discover seasonal dishes through a lens of delight, vitality, and taste.


cooking class, Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Katherine Deumling

Are you wondering how to make your autumn cuisine delightful, delicious, and inspired? Join Ellen Goldsmith and Katherine Deumling for an evening of cooking, conversation, and eating just for autumn. What does this season’s food tell us about our bodies, our vitality, and our appetites? Katherine will bring her cook-with-what-you-have approach to delicious, produce-driven dishes for this abundant but cooler time of year. Ellen will offer an overview of the Chinese medicinal and seasonal culinary philosophy as it applies to the autumn season to enliven your cooking.


When: Wednesday, October 23 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Where:   Home of Ellen Goldsmith in North East Portland (Address available upon registration)

Cost: $95/person, Register Here!


Begin your autumnal season of cooking and eating with an intimate two and half hour hands on cooking class.

You will learn:

• To create a vibrant seasonal meal from starter to dessert

• To utilize local and seasonal produce in a new way

• The benefits, from a Chinese medicine perspective, of cooking with the season

• How tastes of different foods energize your cooking and you!

You will receive comprehensive materials, including the evening’s recipes, tips for enlivening your autumn menus, and resources for creating similar dishes at home.


Ellen Goldsmith L.Ac., Educator, Consultant Pearl Natural HelathEllen Goldsmith, licensed acupuncturist, brings a passion for cooking and food with over 25 years of experience practicing Asian medicine and teaching all about the vitality and potency of food through the lens of Chinese medicinal principles. She practices acupuncture, dietary therapy, Chinese herbs, body-mind health, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Pearl Natural Health in Portland. In addition, she shares her passion for transforming our lives through our health on her weekly podcast Health Currents Radio and as a board member at the National College of Natural Medicine, the oldest naturopathic medical school in the country.


Katherine Deumling, Cook with What You HaveKatherine Deumling is the owner and operator of Cook With What You Have – a small business devoted to making cooking a regular, delicious, and creative part of people’s lives. Her enthusiasm for local and sustainable agriculture and food is highlighted through the partnerships she has with area farmers markets and CSA Farms, and with non-profits, public agencies, and businesses to empower people to create healthy, delicious meals Katherine is the chair of the Board of Directors of Slow Food USA and previously served as a Slow Food chapter leader in Portland, OR. Her commitment internationally is highlighted by her role as a Sister on the Planet Ambassador for Oxfam America. She was the recipient of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship that allowed her to study food and culture in rural Mexico and Italy for a year in 1996.

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