IBD- Evaluation, Treatment, Results

At Pearl Natural Health we offer a complete evaluation before constructing the appropriate treatment plan best suited for you. Here is what we offer.



Complete Medical History to establish the role of IBD in a larger context of total health with consideration given to diet, life-style factors, endocrine functions, nutritional status, nutritional deficiencies, malabsorption, stress factors, and patterns of symptoms as understood in paradigms such as Chinese Medicine.

Physical examination conducted with focus on key areas related to the diagnosisof possible underlying causes of IBD or obstacles to healing.

Patient and doctor together define goals, with the patient leading the agenda; some patients have a simple goal of better symptom control, reduced corticosteroids, or decreasing reliance on medications while others desire to work strongly toward a remission or even elimination of medications. While the integrative approach will never allow a patient to be put in danger by eliminating medication, patient goals will be the driving force behind the level of their treatment plan. Patients are always encouraged to maintain their treatment connection with gastroenterologists. A team approach is preferred.

Laboratory Testing: the patient and the doctor agree on the extent of testing thatmay be required to diagnose functional patterns that need to be treated. This may include standard blood chemistries, comprehensive microbiological and digestive studies, food allergy testing, intestinal permeability testing, gastric ph evaluation, adrenal stress testing, fatty acid analysis, and toxicity testing.


You deserve a treatment plan is based on your health goals, identifying and evaluation the underlying related factors, a thorough physical exam, and laboratory findings. The treatment plan for you can include a variety of treatments best suited to help you heal and feel better.


• • IMPLEMENTATION OF A DIETARY STRATEGY: a dietary plan will be recommended, with support given to assure success with needed changes; diet appears to influence the course of disease in a significant number of cases; the “Specific Carbohydrate Diet” (SCD) is used frequently. Pearl Natural Health offers extensive support including individual support and group support to implement this diet.


• • STRESS MANAGEMENT PLAN: a stress management plan, such as instruction in “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction,” or other techniques, will be recommended.


• • INTRAVENOUS NUTRITION: a program of nutritional support will be given in the form of intravenous nutrition to provide patient with optimally bio-available nutrients to support healing of intestinal tissues; proper digestion and absorption may be limited due to intestinal condition


• • ADRENAL SUPPORT: if indicated, therapy to stimulate adrenal function will be included; in cases where a low baseline cortisol is diagnosed through salivary testing and control of symptoms is poor, low level bioidentical cortisol supplementation will be strongly considered


• • BOTANICAL OR SUPPLEMENTAL SUPPORT: herbal formulations to help alter the intestinal environment, treat the “dysbiosis” (abnormal organisms colonizing digestive tract), decrease inflammation, treat pancreatic insufficiency, gastric hypoacidity, intestinal permeability, or adrenal fatigue, including individualized formulas constructed according to traditional Chinese principles


• • ANTIBIOTIC, ANTI-FUNGAL, OR ANTI-PARASITIC MEDICATION: to treat any diagnosed “dysbiosis,” usually natural agents are favored, but in some cases pharmacological therapies (drugs) are indicated


• •ACUPUNCTURE, CHINESE MEDICINE, and/or NEURAL THERAPY: Blood supply and circulation to intestinal tissues, as well as neurological stimulation of innervating pathways to digestive organs, is facilitated through acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and neural therapy ; other “patterns” diagnosed through traditional Chinese methodology are treated as indicated


• • DETOXIFICATION/CHELATION THERAPIES: Detoxification protocols are used according to perceived or diagnosed level of body burden; in cases where actual levels of toxic compounds, such as heavy metals, are recovered, therapies such as I.V. chelation are used, often with good results in contributing to disease remission

Timely follow-up: after a treatment plan is commenced, follow-up usually occurs at 1-month intervals until goals are met, after which time there are longer intervals between follow-ups; more frequent visits are possible as needed


We remain aware of patients’ clinical responses throughout treatment, working with patients’ gastro-enterologists or other practitioners in tapering medications as patients improve, or adding certain medications when the condition flares and symptoms become distressing. It is important for the patients to set their own goals. Different patients may aspire to different achievable targets.



Our patients have seen results with alternative and complementary care, such as:

• Disease Remission

• Freedom from reliance on medications

• Decreased reliance on medications

• Improved quality of life


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