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According to The Center for Disease Control, IBD is one of the five most prevalent gastrointestinal disease burdens in the United States. IBD is a chronic, life-long illness that affects over 1.4 million people in the United States alone, requiring a lifetime of care costing over $1.7 billion in healthcare dollars. Because there appears to be no cure, people suffering from chronic symptoms find that the little things in life become day-to-day survival.

Persons with IBD are often worried about body image or the impact their illness has on job and relationships. Some of the symptoms experienced with IBD are gas, bloating, chronic constipation, debilitating diarrhea, pain, cramping, urgency, blood loss, and extreme weight loss.

Because these symptoms are private in nature, they are often suffered in silence, creating further illness and isolation. Food issues are constant given the damage the disease rages on the intestinal tract. The course of this disease often leads to significant food restrictions affecting every aspect of a person’s life and daily routine. Rituals around eating and celebrations that exist in many cultures often become forever changed, evolving from living to eat, to eating to live. Given many people’s love for, and emotional relationship to food, this becomes an extremely difficult lifestyle change to embrace. Role changes within a family and even the fear of relapse during times of remission can bring on depression and a lack of joy in living for this population.

The conventional treatment of IBD involves the drug management and surgical intervention which, in the best of worlds, induces a welcome remission of symptom

Naturopathic, alternative and complementary treatment can involve dietary change, support of adrenal function, treatment of microbial imbalances, treatment of nutritional deficiencies, stress reduction, and other methods that can induce a remission or service as a complement to conventional medical care.

We work with you to meet your goals as we engage in an integrative treatment plan that produces healing.


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