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There is so much information out there for everyone to decipher. Here at Pearl Natural Health, our blogs and podcasts connect you to resources, recipes, experts and topics that will support you on the road to optimal health and well-being. Interested in how food affects your health, how meditation reduces stress, what the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is and how it supports gut health? Read on and listen in.

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Podcast: The Microbiome Solution an interview with Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Heal Your Microbiome We are cleaner but not necessarily healthier. Why and what does our digestive health and the Microbiome have to do with our health? Gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan speaks with Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. on Healthwatch about living a little more dirty and eating clean as a way to heal your gut.  With the prevalence of chronic afflictions like obesity, diabetes, food allergies, auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, depression, acne & rosacea they’ll talk about the connection to digestive health and the microbiome.  Dr. Chutkan discusses her new book The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out. Dr. Robynne Chutkan, is one of the most recognizable integrative gastroenterologists working in the United States today. She is here to speak with us about her book, The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out. Dr. Chutkan has

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Podcast: Gut Health and Inflammation a Naturopathic & Chinese Medicine Approach

Gut Health is Central to our Whole Health: an interview with Dr. Edythe Vickers According to the United States Center for Disease Control, it is currently estimated that about 1 – 1.3 million people suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Known as IBD this disease involves chronic inflammation of all or part of the digestive tract. IBD primarily includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, potentially debilitating conditions. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic condition that also affects the digestive tract and is often unrecognized or untreated, with as few as 25% of IBS sufferers seeking professional health care. Today Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. is speaking with Dr. Edie Vickers, naturopathic physican and licensed acupuncturist on KBOO’s Healthwatch about  IBD, IBS and the naturopathic and Chinese medicine approach to treating these health problems. Dr. Vickers is Director of the An Hao Natural Health Clinic in NW Portland. Her practice focuses

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Podcast: Screenagers – An Interview with Lisa Tabb, co-executive producer

Teens and Screens SCREENAGERS probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world. Today, Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. interviews Lisa Tabb,co-executive and co-producer on the film Screenagers directed by Dr. Delaney Ruston. Dr. Delaney Ruston decided to make SCREENAGERS when she found herself constantly struggling with her two kids about screen time. Ruston felt guilty and confused, not sure what limits were best, especially around mobile phones, social media, gaming, and how to monitor online homework. Hearing repeatedly how other parents were equally overwhelmed, she realized this is one of the biggest, unexplored parenting issues of our time. Director Ruston turned the camera on her own family and others—revealing stories

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Podcast: Peace in Schools-Bringing Mindfulness to Teens in High Schools with Caverly Morgan

Mindfulness in High Schools In 2014, the American Psychological Association deemed teens, during the school year, the most stressed group of people in the United States. Teens experience stress much the way adults do, but do not yet have the skills and mechanisms to effectively work with it. To address this dilemma, Peace in Schools launched the first for-credit high school mindfulness course in the nation in 2014 in collaboration with Portland’s Wilson High School to great success. Today their program is also available to high school students at Rosemary Anderson, Lincoln and Cleveland High Schools and will be available this coming school year in Madison, Franklin and Alliance Meek High Schools, all as for credit elective courses. Caverly Morgan founded Peace in Schools and leads the Peace in Schools teaching team, develops the secular mindfulness curriculum, and works directly with teens. Caverly has been practicing mindfulness

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Podcast: Herbs and Seasonal Allergies with Dr. Glen Nagel

Treat your seasonal allergies with herbs! It’s spring in the Pacific NW and for many that can mean misery. If you suffer from seasonal allergies it is also the season of allergy medicine advertising, promoting many over the counter medications designed to ease your symptoms. If you suffer with allergies, you’re certainly not alone. According to the US National Institutes of Health, more than 50 million Americans live with allergies. This represents the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, is higher among children, and has rapidly increased over the past 15 years. But, did you know that the treatment of allergies with herbs is effective and one of the oldest medicines, going back on record over two thousand years. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary healthcare. Today we are

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Podcast: Making Babies: A Chinese medicine approach – Jill Blakeway, L.Ac.

Fertility: An integrative and Chinese medicine approach to making babies Join Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. as she speaks with Jill Blakeway, L. Ac., CEO of the Yin Ova Center in New York City and author of Making Babies: A proven 3-month program for maximum fertility,  co-authored Dr. Sami David, a reproductive endocrinologist. This book  offers women and men a guide to fertility using the wisdom of Chinese medicine in conjunction with Western medicine. Fertility medicine today is all about aggressive surgical, chemical, and technological intervention, in Making Babies, acupuncturist Jill Blakeway and Dr. David draw on the best of both Eastern and Western medicine. By identifying your “fertility type,” inspired by the classical patterns of Chinese Medicine, you can focus in on the strategies most helpful in your particular situation, and avoid the things that may be causing you problems. Those strategies include: choosing fertility-promoting foods; properly predicting

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Podcast: Put Anxiety Behind You with Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Put Anxiety Behind You: The Complete Drug Free Program with Peter Bongirono, Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist Today, Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. speaks with Dr. Peter Bongiorno, director of Inner Source Health in New York City and author of a number of books on the naturopathic approach to treating depression and anxiety. According to National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders affects over 40 million adult Americans and it is not uncommon for those people to also suffer from depression. Naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist Peter Bongiorno has been researching natural approaches to anxiety for over 20 years and treating patients for a dozen. In his new book, Put Anxiety Behind You, Dr. Bongiorno offers his holistic approach to healing anxiety and avoiding relapse with a toolkit that includes: foods and plant-based medicines, anxiety reducing yoga poses, mind body modalities that you can learn and work with to reduce

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Podcast: Sugar-The Bitter Truth

Sugar or Real Food? Wolfram Alderson is the founding executive director and COO of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition whose vision is to strengthen the movement to enlighten the public about food and nutrition that reduces food-related illness and promotes a healthy society. The institute was co-founded by Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric neuroendocrinologist from the University of California in San Francisco. Dr Lustig elevated the conversation about sugar when he delivered a stinging indictment about the high intake of sugar on the health of children and society in a talk entitled Sugar: The Bitter Truth viewed on You Tube by over 6 million viewers. Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac.  knows how hard it can be to change a habit, especially a sugar habit. Her interview with Mr. Alderson on KBOO’s, Healthwatch is for anyone who loves sugar and keeps trying to give it up. Listen in to this

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Podcast: Food as Medicine – An Interview with Dr. Julie Briley

Interview with Dr. Julie Briley of the Food as Medicine Institute at the National College of Natural Medicine   We know that food has an impact on our health. We know American eating habits, on the whole, have not been the most health promoting over the past few decades. We know what has happened: One in three children born after the year 2000 may develop Type 2 Diabetes or heart related disease including high blood pressure or high cholesterol in their lifetime, many of them before adulthood. We know something has to change. Programs that advocate healthier eating habits, changes in the USDA food recommendations, efforts of organizations to improve school lunches and institute farm to school programs are beginning to make a difference. In Portland, Oregon the National College of Natural Medicine’s (NCNM), Food as Medicine Institute (FAMI) has taken on connecting people to healthy good

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Happy New Year, SCD Support Group Updates

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year! If you are being treated for IBD or SIBO at Pearl Natural Health then we have talked with you and encouraged you to make health supportive changes in your way of eating to promote your healing. For many of you this may mean the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). Changing one’s lifestyle around diet, I believe, is one of the most challenging shifts a person can commit to. I choose to refer to it as a “shift” versus something with a negative connotation, such as undertaking, because I know from personal and professional experience that a positive attitude promotes success. But let’s be real…changing one’s lifestyle IS an UNDERTAKING! Margaret Mead, an American cultural anthropologist who said many great things once said, “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” I didn’t need Margaret’s quote to “get” this…but

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