Are they telling you that it’s time to look at your diet?

If you are reacting to pollens, grasses, and other environmental “allergens,” your sensitivity and intolerance to these substances may be just the tip of an iceberg.  It appears that seasonal allergy symptoms are expressed based on a “total load” of antigens in the body, of which food is a part.  Dietary changes have proven again and again to influence our sensitivity to season allergens, having a profound relationship to the cause of our symptoms.


Are they telling you to work on your digestion?

For centuries, Chinese Medicine have given us insight into the relationship between digestion and the entire respiratory system. In most cases where susceptibility to allergy is strong, there is a central digestive component.   This focuses largely on the phenomenon of intestinal permeability, also known as “leaky-gut syndrome,” as well as the process by which poor digestion leads to the production of mucus in the body, which gets stored in the respiratory passages.  Incomplete digestion of food leads to an and accumulation of food “antigens” that are stored, and contribute to a “total antigenic load” that is directly related to your allergy symptoms.  Working on digestion pays big allergy dividends.


Are they telling you have a close look at your “adrenal gland function” which holds your innate ability to control inflammation in the body?

Powerful hormones produced by your adrenal glands assist you in neutralizing all  allergic reactions in the body. Making either too much or too little of the hormone cortisol can be related to your allergy symptoms, and diagnosis and treatment of adrenal problems is often the missing piece in the treatment of allergy.


Are they telling you about an undiagnosed, or otherwise “hidden” infection in the body?

Chronic, low-level infections are usually found in the sinuses or throat, but possibly in other places as well. Chronic sinusitis is estimated to affect 15% of the US population and is the most common “hidden” infection related to allergy.  However, chronic infection of the throat, tonsils, or GI tract also frequently occurs, remaining undiagnosed.  Infections can include yeasts and fungus, molds, parasites, and bacteria.  If they are uncovered, and removed, allergy can often be greatly improved.


Are they telling you to lower your total “toxic” or “antigenic load” and to work on your liver health?

While conventional allergists focus on reactivity to specific allergens, measured through skin testing, what appears to be true is that you are often reacting to a “total load” of allergens with which your body—and more specifically your liver—has to cope.   Centuries ago, in the context of their own understanding of physiology, the Chinese Medicine discovered that the liver is what “courses and drains” the body.  In more modern terms, the liver is the “factory” that filters toxins and breaks them down for excretion from the body.  In allergy sufferers, there can be a fault of this mechanism, where liver detoxification functions poorly, “upregulating” instead of “downregulating,” and building up large accumulations, further exacerbated by any type of weight problem, as toxins are stored in the fat.   Sometimes the “total load” of poor food choices, medications, environmental toxins (such as heavy metals) are simply too much.  In such cases, liver detoxification and support is required, and just what the doctor ordered to treat allergy.


Are they telling you that something is out of balance in your immune function and immune defense?

Allergies are, plain and simple, an over-loaded immune system.  In Chinese Medicine, practitioners have understood that what we call “immune system,” is a function of the “defensive qi of the lung, influenced strongly by digestion which is described as “spleen.”  The in spring, the “season of the liver” where all the movement of environmental influences (“pathogenic influences) challenges our system, if we are not in balance, symptoms emerge strongly.  Acupuncture treatment often gives relief to allergy symptoms


At Pearl Natural Health, our allergy treatment approach is based on understanding the root causes of your allergies.


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