mindful leadership, Janice Marturano, Finding the Space to Lead, Institute for Mindful Leadership Are you juggling the demands of a productive and busy life in the 21st century and want to cultivate a more mindful approach? Whether you lead an organization, business, classroom or household you  may find yourself dealing with one urgent matter to the next without the time to tend to what is truly important.  Janice Marturano, was vice president and general counsel at General Mills for 15 years and initiated mindfulness programs at the corporate level. Seeking to make a difference in the lives of business leaders, she founded the Institute for Mindful Leadership where she is Executive Director. The Institute for Mindful Leadership offers mindfulness trainings for leaders throughout the world and has been featured in major news networks, as well as the Davos Economic Forum in 2013.

Ms. Marturano’s new book, Finding the Space to Lead, A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership can provide you with the core elements to cultivating your potential for authentic, clear, creative and compassionate leadership. Listen in as she speaks with Ellen Goldsmith, about the process of transforming your leadership capacities and your life.

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