Katherine Deumling, Cook with What You HaveAre You Cooking with What you Have in Late Winter/ Early Spring?

Katherine Deumling, of Cook with What You Have is back on Health Currents Radio to talk with Ellen Goldsmith about cooking and eating at that awkward time of year, when winter is coming to a close, but spring is not quite here.

Ellen and Katherine team up for a lively and delicious conversation on the pleasures of cooking with what you have in every season from the perspective of a dedicated locavore and Chinese medicine practitioner. Listen in to learn more about how the two points of view converge to offer new ways of cooking and choosing the food you eat in each season.

cook with what you have

After you have listened in, why not try some new recipes? Here are some delicious recipes Katherine has crafted for a fresh start in spring.  Green Risotto, Green Garlic and Leek Soup, or Quick Quinoa Risotto with Asparagus. Yum!

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