Sugar is everywhere. Sugar is addictive.

sugar- hiding in plain sightSugar, sugar you are everywhere and we do not even know it. Wolfram Alderson, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition founded by Dr. Robert Lustig, is back on Health Currents Radio to talk about the progress made in bringing awareness to the toxic effects sugar can have on our health and how to find it in your food. But, it is hard to avoid if you do not even know the 56 aliases good ole’ sugar goes by. The World Health Organization has recommended only 25 grams of sugar daily for optimal health (approximately 6 teaspoons), that’s about one “protein bar” and less than a can of soda, which has 39 grams.

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition has been working with organizations, governments, and individuals, as well as creating  wonderfully animated short films to bring the ill effects of sugar to the public: Sugar is Killing Us and Sugar: Hiding in Plain Sight. Institute for Responsible Nutrition, Dr. Robert LustigAll money raised by this organization goes towards their mission: To End Childhood Obesity and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Wolfram Alderson shares what you can do, what is being done and what can be done to reduce the impact of excess sugar on our health.


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