The 5 flavors in Chinese medicine exists in the food we eat as well as the herbs we may take.
This is perennial wisdom. Let’s bring this wisdom into the future.

Chinese Medicine, 5 Healing FlavorsChinese medicine offers us a way to understand food and its healing capacity. One of the most important elements is the therapeutic  effect that a flavor of a food has. The action and the energy a flavor has on us is not simply the pleasure of taste but the action it has on our body.

Did you know that the sweet flavor of food, not sugar, such as the sweetness of winter squash and carrots have a positive impact on our digestion and helps us to relax? Did you know that the bitter taste is important for detoxifying and cleansing? Or that pungent foods help lift our vitality and move our qi? Listen in as Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. takes you on a tour of the healing actions of the Five Flavors from a Chinese medicine point of view. Then “energetic” components of food can be applied in any type of whole food diet to keep us healthy throughout our lifetime. This is a great introduction to the ancient wisdom that traditional cultures have held for thousands of years.


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