mindfulnessTeaching Mindfulness in Schools

Does Mindfulness matter for children? It can; helping them cultivate awareness of their feelings, their actions, and compassion.  What happens in school is crucial. Mindfulness training in schools can help our students increase their focus and capacity to pay attention, reduce stress, raise self-awarenss, cultivate a sense of empathy and calm: all key elements to a well functioning school atmosphere.

Mindful Schools, is a program leading the integration of mindfulness into schools, training teachers and students. They are making a difference in the lives of over 18,000 children in public and private schools throughout the United States. Chris McKenna, program director of Mindful Schools joins Ellen Goldsmith in a lively and informative conversation about the roots of mindfulness training for teachers and students.

Our children are our future, and in this complex world, we need engaged, self-aware and compassionate people. There is a lot to be done and Mindful Schools is investing in the future.  Listen in and open your mind.

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