Mindfulness in High Schools

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In 2014, the American Psychological Association deemed teens, during the school year, the most stressed group of people in the United States. Teens experience stress much the way adults do, but do not yet have the skills and mechanisms to effectively work with it. To address this dilemma, Peace in Schools launched the first for-credit high school mindfulness course in the nation in 2014 in collaboration with Portland’s Wilson High School to great success.

Today their program is also available to high school students at Rosemary Anderson, Lincoln and Cleveland High Schools and will be available this coming school year in Madison, Franklin and Alliance Meek High Schools, all as for credit elective courses.

Caverly Morgan founded Peace in Schools and leads the Peace in Schools teaching team, develops the secular mindfulness curriculum, and works directly with teens. Caverly has been practicing mindfulness since 1995, including eight years in a monastic setting. She also offers awareness practice for adults though her nonprofit One House of Peace. Caverly is known for the insight, passion and humor she brings to her transformative work with students of all ages.

Listen in to learn about this innovative and effective semester long program for teens and the resources it provides.

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