Dr. Susanne Breen’s SIBO Story and the SIBO SOS™ Summit II


Years ago, before I had ever heard of SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), I started to experience uncomfortable digestive symptoms, they were mild at first but grew increasingly worse and it drove me to seek out help from naturopathic and allopathic practitioners. I was prescribed slippery elm and other soothing herbs for burning stomach pain, and proton pump inhibitors from my MD. These treatments actually seemed to make things worse! I started to get severe bloating, pain, and gas every day and nothing seemed to help.

Then the brain fog set in. Something was robbing me of my ability to think or concentrate anymore. I thought I was going to have to quit medical school. How can I be a doctor if I can’t think? My MD wanted to put me on an antidepressant. I thought, this could not be my answer, so I searched out another physician in hopes to find different advice. Every test imaginable was run – all negative.

Then I took an advanced gastroenterology class taught by Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Allison Siebecker. I learned about SIBO, what causes it, what it does to our bodies, and exactly how to test for it and treat it. It all made perfect sense to me. I immediately started the treatment and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and my symptoms started improving within days. I began the complicated and emotional journey of living with SIBO and dealing with the far reaching effects it had on my body. It took me a year to beat SIBO – I had to treat my thyroid, my adrenal glands, my hormonal balance, and make adjustments to my diet – but things started to fall into place and eventually I got my life back. Not only that, after years of fertility struggles, I was able to have a beautiful baby girl.

I am now able to use what I’ve learned from my personal experience and research to help my patients at Pearl Natural Health. I recently had the opportunity to be part of an online conference called the SIBO SOS Summit hosted by Shivan Sarna, someone who has made healing SIBO her mission.In the SIBO Summit, she interviews SIBO experts and practitioners (myself included) from across the nation. I so wish I had this resource when I was dealing with my SIBO symptoms!

Please listen in on this free online Summit. You can sign up here.

I trust you will learn valuable information to help you on your healing journey.

Susanne Breen, N.D.

Put yourself on the road to a healthier life and re-claim the vitality you deserve

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