The Naturopathic Perspective: Elemental Diets with IBS and IBD

IBS, IBD, SIBO, Elemental Diet

Dr. Gary Weiner’s Article on the Elemental Diet with IBS & IBD


For those who suffer with IBS or IBD the role of diet is tantamount in its recovery. Here at Pearl Natural Health our naturopathic physicians may recommend the Elemental Diet along with herbal protocols or even targeted antibiotics. But, what is the Elemental Diet and why would it be used?

If you are suffering from either of these conditions you will find Dr. Gary Weiner’s informative and featured article in the naturopathic journal NDNR entitled, AN ELEMENTAL PRIMER: USE OF ELEMENTAL DIETS IN IBD AND IBS – PART 1 helpful.

Questions? Our physicians are skilled in helping those who suffer from digestive distress.

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