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Are you facing a particular health challenge, are you seeking to optimize your health and well-being? We can help and here is how:

How It Works



  • We listen to you and then carefully inquire into your problems.
  • You have an appropriate Chinese medicine examination and assessment.
  • We share what we learn and work with you to create a plan to build a path to better health.



  • We offer a plan, not just a pill.
  • This treatment plan is uniquely designed to help you achieve better health.
  • You will have support and guidance to understand steps you can act on.



  • We focus first on relief then on correcting the problem.
  • We work with you to create a plan to maintain your newfound health.
  • Far from being the end of the process, this plan is the beginning of your new road to wellness.

“Sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to seek alternative treatment. Pearl Natural Health had the answer. After a simple test, and regular acupuncture treatments.I can eat again. I feel great. I feel younger. The providers and staff at Pearl Natural Health take time to listen and get to know you. This clinic takes the whole body into account.*” – P.L.


Our services and specific  treatment programs are designed to relieve your symptoms and get to the root of your problem:

No matter what health challenge you face, there is something we can do to help you get better.

If you’re not yet a patient, we invite you to explore your treatment options by calling us to set up an appointment.

Are you ready to transform your health?

We are ready to help you!


Why the “Pearl”Pearl Natural Health, healing

The pearl enjoys a long mythology represented by varied and distinctive cultures throughout the world. Among ancient cultures, the pearl was thought to be formed from drops of    water that fell from the sky into the sea.  When contacted by rays of light from the sun and the moon, these drops were transformed into the shiny, luminescent, sturdy gems we know as pearls.

Human beings have long sought out these gems for their simple beauty and imagined powers, the most common belief being that the pearl bestowed great vitality upon their owners and mirrored their state of health.

Inspired by the mythology and symbol of the pearl, Pearl Natural Health seeks to help people reclaim their vitality and mirror the pearl by developing their ability to transform their health.

The transformation of health and well-being, utilizing the wisdom of nature, is what we are all about.