Acupuncture for Fatigue, Anxiety and Common Colds


Millions of people suffer from lack of energy which can be caused by a wide variety of health conditions from insomnia, to depression, to poor digestion, pain and weak  immune system over time leads to increase stress on the system and a poor quality of life. One needs energy to function well and thrive. Acupuncture treatments in conjunction with stress management, sleep hygiene, dietary recommendations and integrative health care can improve energy while addressing the underlying root causes.



Acupuncture and herbs can address and help to reduce mild to moderate anxiety that people experience. Our acupuncturist may recommend dietary changes, stress reduction exercises, herbs and counseling in addition to help address root issues that may be contributing to your anxiety. As the goal of acupuncture treatments is to increase the rest and restorative capacity of the body by increasing qi (pronounced chee) or energy flow people often experience relief and a feeling of well being and ease.


Common Colds

The Chinese have been treating the common cold with great success for thousands of years.   Chinese medicine is extremely effective in the treatment of common colds, sore throats and mild coughing. Every person “catches a cold” for a different reason. In Chinese medicine, a “cold” is due to a combination of conditions externally and internally. A person can be run down with a weakened immune system, stress weakens the immune system making a person more susceptible. Or perhaps you have been exposed to the elements of a cold wind or  extreme climate changes. Chinese medicine’s nuanced and individualized approach to treating the common cold can shorten recovery time, minimize symptoms and boost the immune system. At the first signs of a cold, a visit to your acupuncturist for treatment and herbs will make a big difference.

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