Here is what our patients have to say:


Help with my thyroid, my hormones and fatigue

“Dr. Weiner has helped me with with my thyroid, adrenals and hormones– not an easy task as many doctors do not fully understand these issues.  He has repeatedly taken the time to listen, ask questions and treat my health issues with a depth of understanding you just don’t see much anymore. “*

Reversing Auto-Immune Disease in my child

Ellen gave her acupuncture treatments to help us overcome physical and emotional barriers with surprising effectiveness. I can not begin to express our gratitude.” *

Acupuncture for Optimal Health

“Ellen is one of the best acupuncturists I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few. She is extremely intuitive and approaches her practice from a holistic focus on the entire physical, mental, and biological system — in other words, body, mind and appetite. She and Gary place a big emphasis on nutrition in their practice in terms of wellness, weight loss, and food intolerances. She has helped both me and my husband in this area, and I have learned quite a lot, because she takes the time to teach and explain about nutrition and chemical imbalances.” *

“If you talk to Ellen in passing about her training, she will reveal that she taught Shiatsu massage in France and Italy (and it’s quite fun to converse with her in Italian), so you know the breadth of her understanding of the human body is quite deep. She is also extremely committed to her patients — A few days after I had major surgery, she paid a house call to speed my healing with acupuncture and herbs. She is not only a dedicated practitioner, but a lovely human being.” *

Acupuncture for Tendonitis

“I’ve been receiving acupuncture from Ellen at Pearl Natural Health for many years. Over time Ellen has actually cured my tendonitis in both elbows while helping me maintain well-being, in spite of many physical problems typical of an active lifestyle. I particularly recommend Ellen for her gentle manner, empathy and knowledge of Chinese herbology. Everyone at Pearl Natural Health always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.” *

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 My migraines are cured

“My new year’s resolution for 2011 was to do something about my 2 to 3 migraines per month. Western medicine was treating the symptoms but not helping to eliminate the headaches.  Ellen was recommended to me for acupuncture treatment.  After a thorough evaluation she asked me to keep a food diary and suggested I eliminate certain foods. The diary showed a healthy diet but a high amount of gluten.  I eliminated gluten and kept up with regular acupuncture treatments.  I have been free of headaches for 8 months and have not renewed my migraine medication for 9 months.  Not only am I pain free but I did a cleanse under Ellen’s guidance and have lost over 20 pounds. And since I am the cook in the family my husband has lost 30 pounds. I have more energy and Ellen was a major factor in supporting me to get there.  I feel great and reached my goal in less than a year!” *

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