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How to use food as medicine

Nourishing Ourselves in the Time of COVID-19

Nourishing Ourselves in the Time of COVID – 19 “Those who take medicine and neglect their diet waste the skill of the physician.” -Chinese proverb  I want to reach out to you during this challenging time we are living through to offer support and encouragement. In the past year I lived through my husband’s illness…

Immune Support

Immune Support Tips in the time of COVID

Immune Support Tips in the time of COVID In every time of difficulty there is opportunity. The world pandemic of COVID has brought us all to the same plane. What is clear is that the attention we pay to our health at this time and to the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control…

Preventing and Treating Colds and Flu naturally, Dr. Gary Weiner, N.D.

Preventing Colds and Flu Naturally

Do you want to prevent colds and flu, the natural way? It is flu season and you may be wondering if there is a way in which you can prevent the onslaught of colds and flu, naturally. Listen in as Dr. Gary Weiner, naturopathic physician, Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist, discusses natural ways to boost immunity…

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Are Your Allergy Symptoms Trying to Tell You Something?

Treat your allergy symptoms with acupuncture & Chinese medicine. Often at the change of seasons I see people suffering from allergy symptoms including runny nose, itchy eyes, feeling foggy or tired. If you are reacting to pollen, grasses and other environmental “allergens,” your sensitivity and intolerance to these substances may be just the tip of…

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Tips for reducing your risk for Colds and Flu

Tips for reducing your risk for colds and flu We love this time of year when the light is golden, and the last fire of summer of reds, yellows and gold are on the autumn leaves. As the season and weather changes our risk for catching colds and flu increases. At Pearl Natural Health our …

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Optimize Your Health in Autumn

Optimizing Health I am readying myself both physically and mentally for the oncoming autumn and winter season during this pandemic in order to not only survive but thrive. We have all been through a very tough 6 months and it is not over yet. So, how will we optimize our physical and mental and emotional…