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Building Health in Autumn

Building Health in the Autumn Season

Building Health in the Autumn Season “The three months of autumn are in charge of withering and decelerating the movement of growth.” – Gao Lian, poet Building health as we transition from summer to autumn can be many things depending on where you live, what your quality of life is like and how you are…

nourishment menopause

Nourishment for Menopause

Nourishing ourselves during peri-menopause and menopause           Nourishing ourselves during our “Second Spring”, as it is called in Chinese medicine, in a woman’s life is an important time of transition which can be challenging in the midst of work, family, children and elder parents. But, this is an important time to…

Eat to Beat the Heat

Eat to Beat the Heat

The heat can hurt, so let’s change what we eat! The temperatures are rising, and with longer, warmer days our bodies are going to need to adapt in more ways than one. Our normal habits of changing out our clothing, putting on more sunscreen, and seeking shade when outdoors is no longer enough. While we…

winter Broth recipe

Winter Broth Recipe

Comforting Winter Broth Recipe This recipe is courtesy of Leslie McEachern’s marvelous cookbook  The Angelica Home Kitchen: Recipes and Rabble Rousing from an Organic Vegan Restaurant. Angelica’s, an organic vegan restaurant in the East Village of NYC changed plant based cuisine in NYC and was a hub, a gathering place and bit of respite in…

thrive during the holidays with Chinese medicine

How to Thrive During the Holiday Season

How to Thrive during the Holidays   Do you thrive in this season? Thriving during the holidays is different for each person. What is it for you? To thrive has changed course for me. This season has become an emotionally challenging time that I have had to navigate for the past 4 years. Starting in…

Autumn Seasonal Tips

Autumn Season Tips: Staying and Eating Well

Autumn Seasonal Tips “The three months of autumn are in charge of withering and decelerating the movement of growth.” – Gao Lian, poet and medical Scholar During the past two months of autumn, I have wondered a few things – would my tomatoes ever ripen, when would the predictably cool and rainy season in Portland…