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Podcast: Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill, Walks the Talk of Healthy Living

Bob Moore, the legend behind Bob’s Red Mill Bob Moore, founder and owner of Bob’s Red Mill, has transformed the gift of healthy living a thousand times over through his company and his philanthropic giving. Bob and Charlee Moore are leaders in giving:  to the Ending Childhood Obesity Project, a community based program teaching whole…


Podcast: Part 2 on Let Those Sugar Blues Go

Do you want to let those sugar blues go? Sugar gets the best of us sometimes. We love it, want to control our intake but cannot quite let sugar go. In Ellen Goldsmith’s continuing conversation with Dr. Lori Horan Soule, naturopathic physician  who works with people on transforming a sugar habit and addictions. Listen in as you learn…


Got Those Sugar Blues?

Do you have those sugar blues? Sugar, sugar.  Can you let it go? Dr. Lori Horan Soule joins us on Health Currents Radio to talk about sugar; what it does to us, how we crave it, and cannot let it go. Dr. Horan Soule helps us understand how it works and what we can do to soften its…

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR, Bob Stahl, Health Currents Radio

Podcast: Mindfulness – Moment to Moment with MBSR

Mindfulness exists in the awareness of each moment. Are you present right now, at this very moment? Or is it difficult to stop the chatter and thinking? Can the practice of being present moment to moment change how I feel?  Bob Stahl, Ph.d., MBSR teacher and author of the MBSR Workbook, joins us for part two of our conversation…

Mindfulness meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR, stress reduction, Bob Stahl

Podcast: Mindfulness Meditation

Are you hearing a lot about Mindfulness Meditation, but not sure what it is? After 35 years of scientific research on the effects of mindfulness meditation and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on stress, trauma, brain function and performance mindfulness is entering the mainstream consciousness. Ellen Goldsmith begins a month long series of interviews and inquiries into…

Janice Marturano

Podcast: Mindful Leadership, Finding the Space to Lead with Janice Marturano

Mindful Leadership: From the Inside Out. Are you juggling the demands of a productive and busy life in the 21st century and want to cultivate a more mindful approach? Whether you lead an organization, business, classroom or household you  may find yourself dealing with one urgent matter to the next without the time to tend…