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Second Response, Dr. Michelle Wang, Typhoon Haian, Typhoon Yolanda, disaster reiefl

Podcast: Second Response in the Philipines: Releasing Trauma and preventing PTSD

What happens to a person, a child after most everything in their lives have been wiped out by a natural disaster? After the basics of food, water and shelter have been stabilized, who tends to the inner landscape of the children and caregivers? Second Response, an initiative of the Fortunate Blessings Foundation. Join us as…

mindful schools, mindfulness meditation, Chris McKenna

Podcast: Our students, our future: Mindfulness in the Schools, an interview with Chris McKenna

Teaching Mindfulness in the schools. Does Mindfulness matter for children? It can; helping them cultivate awareness of their feelings, their actions, and compassion.  What happens in school is crucial. Mindfulness training in schools can help our students increase their focus and capacity to pay attention, reduce stress, raise self-awarenss, cultivate a sense of empathy and…

mindful leadership, Janice Marturano, Finding the Space to Lead, Institute for Mindful Leadership

Podcast: Mindful Leadership, Finding the Space to Lead with Janice Marturano

Are you juggling the demands of a productive and busy life in the 21st century and want to cultivate a more mindful approach? Whether you lead an organization, business, classroom or household you  may find yourself dealing with one urgent matter to the next without the time to tend to what is truly important.  Janice…

emma seppala, Stanford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism in Research and Education

Podcast: Healing our Returning Veterans: an Interview with Emma Seppala Ph.d.

Veterans are returning home with an alarming rate of health and mental health issues related to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Their lives and the lives of their families and communities are adversely affected. We need these men and women as active members of society. Is there a way to relieve our veterans of their…

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Podcast: Tips for Starting the New Year Right with Energy and Health!

Each new year we make a long list of resolutions meant to enhance and improve our health and how we feel, plus how we relate to others and to our lives. But, many times those resolutions fade. Listen in as Ellen Goldsmith shares some great tips on how to start where you are, envision where…

Holiday show12.26

Podcast: Where’s my Gift?

Are you just done with all the holiday hoopla and still feeling as if you need a gift? A nourishing, revitalizing gift? Look inside with this podcast, take 10, and discover how simply reconnecting to yourself brings forth the gift you are searching for. Feeling alive! Happy Holidays!