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Podcast: Recovering from Post-Halloween Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues? If you are wondering if you could find a delicious way to kick sugar out of your daily diet and bring sweetness to your family at the table, listen in when Ellen Goldsmith speaks with Shirley Plant, author of Finally Food We Can Eat.  Everyone needs delicious alternatives to one of the most…

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Give up Sugar: 5 Ways to Get the Excess Halloween Candy Out of the House

Want to Give Up Sugar? Too much candy in the house from your child’s trick or treating? Are you having a hard time giving up sugar? Want to quit sugar but are always tempted. You may want to secretly get rid of it, but you know you can’t. But, you can engage your child in…

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Podcast: Sugar: A Trick or a Treat?

Is sugar, that sweet stuff, tricking us?……… Sugar by any other name is, sugar. Are you reading your labels? If you do, you might notice so many different names for the sweet stuff, it makes you dizzy! Here is a partial list:  buttered syrup, cane-juice crystals, cane sugar, corn syrup, dextran, dextrose, ethyl maltol, fructose,…


Podcast: Teens Get Healthy: At School!

HealthCorps at Benson High School helps teens get healthy in partnership with teachers, students, and ultimately families. Don’t you wish your teen came home and insisted you two go to the gym together? Well here is our continuing conversation with HealthCorps, which is one of those programs working with teens across the country in high…


Podcast: Health: It’s the Heart of the Matter

What is the state of High Schooler’s health today? If you look at the facts, listen to the stories and read the headlines, it doesn’t look good. So, what do you think would happen if a high school program was put into place to improve teens’ health and wellness through exercise, nutrition, and wellness? At…

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Podcast: Will Obamacare cover your needs for naturopathic healthcare?

Your naturopathic doctor can cover your health care. Does your health insurance cover your naturopathic doctor? Laura Culberson Farr, executive director of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, is an expert on the complexities of healthcare reform and shares her knowledge about the integration of naturopathic medicine in the evolving healthcare landscape. If you are wondering how to improve your…