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Podcast: Will the Hospitals Ever Serve Healthy Food? An Interview with Emma Sirois and Eecole Copen, RD

Do you want healthier food in hospitals? Emma Sirois and Eecole Copen, RD are working in Portland, Oregon to bring whole, fresh and healthy sustainable food into the hospital system. Ms. Copen manages the Farmers Market at Oregon Health Sciences University and Ms. Sirois directs Oregon’s Physicians for Social Responsibility Healthy Food in Healthcare programs,…


Podcast: Eat Your Real Food, Daily: An Interview with Ann Gentry

Ellen sits down with Ann Gentry to talk about food, real good, healthy food and serving it up to thousands of people. Ann Gentry is a pioneer, food educator, and founder of the Los Angeles  area restaurant  Real Food Daily.   For two decades her restaurants, remain the premiere gourmet organic vegan eatery in Southern California.…


Podcast: Slow Food, is Good Food: An Interview with Katherine Deumling, chair of Slow Food USA

Do you want to learn more about Slow Food? Do you want to eat good and healthy food? Listen in to  our interview with Katherine Deumling to learn more about how you too can join the Slow Food movement and Slow Food USA. Become part of a global movement to counter the rise of fast…

Katherine Deumling, Cook with What You Have

Podcast: Can You Cook with What You Have?

Do you know how to cook with what you have? Do you wish you could? Many people want to eat more vegetables but are stuck with steaming, salads or sauteeing, and do not know how to cook vegetables in a way which brings out their flavor, and freshness. Katherine Deumling, chef, food blogger, Chair of Slow Food…


Podcast: Cleanse, baby, Cleanse

Do you wish you could clean out, cleanse and get a new start? Summer is one of the wonderful times of year to do a nutritional cleanse, when the air is warm and we are more active! Join us when we speak with Dr. Gary Weiner on the health benefits of nutritional cleansing and detoxification.…


Did you eat your vegetables today? Join a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture programs, known as CSAs, are a great way to ensure you have lots of vegetables every week to prepare and eat. Today Ellen Goldsmith speaks with Shari Raider, founder and owner of Sauvie Island Organics in Portland, Oregon. Sauvie Island Organics fed over 750 families through their CSA program, and provided local,…