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Podcast: Allergies? Indigestion? What if the cure was in the kitchen?

What if changing the food you eat could change how you feel? So simple, yet not. Learn about the “Dirty Dozen,” those foods that can aggravate allergies, and low grade digestive issues. Get some tips on how you can start to make some changes, and possibly reduce your symptoms. Don’t miss another episode: Subscribe to Health…

Dr. Gary Weiner, IBD, IBS, SIBO

Podcast: Doctor, Doctor can you help?

But wait, you are what kind of doctor? A naturopathic doctor, that’s who Dr. Gary Weiner was and he practiced naturopathic medicine. Ellen talks with Dr. Weiner about how a naturopathic doctor is trained to diagnose and treat health problems, and how it is a great medicine to help restore one’s vitality. Natural medicine, of which naturopathic medicine…

Child having picnic in park

Podcast: Staying Healthy in the Summer!

Staying Healthy in Summer Has summer arrived, but you feel as if you have not? Even though summer is the most exuberant time of year, one can still pay attention to optimizing health to stay healthy in the summer season. Join Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. expert in the field of Chinese nutritional therapy, seasonal health and…

Stress Man

Podcast: Is Stress Ruining Your Health?

This episode is a new adaptation of our 2nd episode which aired in January. Stress, there is no way around it in life. We indeed can thrive on a little bit of stress every now and then. But, are you aware of the physical toll it takes on your body and health? Today we speak…

Ken Gordon copy

Podcast: Diabetes? No, Thanks.

Ken Gordon, chef, restaurateur, co-owner of Kenny and Zuke’s (a popular Jewish Delicatessen), columnist of the well read column, Diary of a Formerly Diabetic Chef , and cooking teacher talks with Ellen Goldsmith on Health Currents Radio about his journey from being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome, back to health. How did he do it after years of cooking…


Podcast: GMOs in our Food?

Are there GMO’s in our Food? Do you want to know? Do you know if you are eating Genetically Modified foods? Do you want to know? How could you know? What can you do? Listen in to part-two of the interview on Health Currents Radio, with David Gould on GMOs in our food system and how it…