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Allergies, a Cold or COVID?

Do I have allergies, a cold or COVID? What is the difference? Recently, I woke up with a burning sore throat and a general malaise. My first thought was the dreaded COVID. But, as I calmed my mind ( and tested numerous times) I realized the symptoms were my usual common cold symptoms. Intense fatigue…

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Podcast: Chinese Medicine & the Plant Based Diet

Do you want to feel better on your plant Based Diet? Chinese medicine can help. Listen in to my podcast interview   Does plant based eating fit into the principles of Chinese medicine and Chinese nutritional theory? There is a place for it. Eating with a broad foundation of vegetables, including dark leafy greens, root…

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Recipe: Nourishing Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash and Dang Gui

Recipe: Nourishing Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash and Dang Gui This lamb stew is a family favorite. I do not often eat lamb but I know when I need it; in the cold, dark, damp days of winter in the Pacific Northwest. This is a star recipe in the Winter section of recipes in my…

Fragrant Poached Quince with Fresh Ginger Cookies

Recipes: Fragrant Poached Quince and Fresh Ginger Cookies

Fragrant Poached Quince and Fresh Ginger Cookies This delicious poached quince and ginger cookie recipe is found in my book Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine: +175 recipes for Optimal Health in the Winter Recipe section. The unusual, ancient quince deserves a comeback in the kitchen. Its pink hue and bright fragrance is so nice, especially…

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The Summer Season in Chinese medicine

Balance during the summer season in Chinese medicine In every new season we have an opportunity to renew and rebalance. ​If you are welcoming the open path of the summer season of 2021 like I am, despite the unbearable relentless heat here in the Pacific Northwest, this summer is filled with possibility. What are those…

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COVID: 5 Simple Ways to Support Your Immune System

5 Ways to Support Your Immune System with Chinese Medicine during COVID We are learning, in this time of COVID, that none of us are completely immune to this fast mutating virus (unless perhaps we have recovered from it). However, we do know that reducing our exposure by staying home and reducing contact with groups…