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Podcast: Got Those Sugar Blues?

Do you have those sugar blues? Sugar, sugar.  Can you let it go? Dr. Lori Horan Soule joins us on Health Currents Radio to talk about sugar; what it does to us, how we crave it, and cannot let it go. Dr. Horan Soule helps us understand how it works and what we can do to…


Podcast: Mindfulness: Just the prescription to reduce your stress

Stress? Mindfulness meditation might help Life is stressful, won’t it ever change? Probably not. But, we can. Research has shown that daily practice of mindful meditation can actually change our brains.  These changes can lead to reduced cortisol output, better self-regulation and a reduction in stress reactions. These changes were documented after an 8 week…


Podcast: Second Response: Helping Children to Recover Post Disaster

William Spear, president of the Fortunate Blessings Foundation responds to the needs of children post disaster, specifically in preventing the development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in impacted children.  He has brought Second Response teams to the South Pacific, Japan, and the NY/NJ area post Hurricane Sandy to work with children weeks after basic needs are met. By providing facilitated safe, joyful and…

Yifat Susskind and child

Podcast: MADRE: Bringing Healing and Empowerment to Women and Children Worldwide

MADRE works to empower women and children worldwide. The health of millions of women and girls around the world, is compromised and threatened due to war, violence, and poor access to healthcare, clean water, and food. Today Ellen speaks with Yifat Susskind, Executive Director of MADRE, an international women’s human rights organization about how they are working in partnership with community-based…


Podcast: Cleanse, baby, Cleanse: On the Way to a Healthier You!

Cleanse, baby cleanse is the cry of spring! Are you feeling a bit heavy and stuck in winter, when spring is here! It is time to get healthier, lose weight, revitalize, and rejuvenate yourself as you ease into spring. Join us when we speak with Dr. Gary Weiner on the health benefits of nutritional cleansing…

Michelle Markesteyn Ratcliffe. Foodcorps

Podcast: School Lunches are Changing, for the Better

Tired of lousy school lunches for your kids in school? Michelle Markesteyn Ratcliffe, the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School Manager is helping to make a difference in Oregon schools. She brought FoodCorps to Oregon. She works to increase access to healthier food and food education for children and communities by linking farmers, fisherman and ranchers…