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Podcast: Cleanse, baby, Cleanse: On the Way to a Healthier You!

Cleanse, baby cleanse is the cry of spring! Are you feeling a bit heavy and stuck in winter, when spring is here! It is time to get healthier, lose weight, revitalize, and rejuvenate yourself as you ease into spring. Join us when we speak with Dr. Gary Weiner on the health benefits of nutritional cleansing…

Michelle Markesteyn Ratcliffe. Foodcorps

Podcast: School Lunches are Changing, for the Better

Tired of lousy school lunches for your kids in school? Michelle Markesteyn Ratcliffe, the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School Manager is helping to make a difference in Oregon schools. She brought FoodCorps to Oregon. She works to increase access to healthier food and food education for children and communities by linking farmers, fisherman and ranchers…


Podcast: Meet Oregon’s FoodCorps Fellow: Emily Ritchie

Meet Oregon’s FoodCorps Fellow Emily Ritchie as she talks about how Oregon FoodCorps Members provide over 1,500 culturally rich and diverse students with hands-on gardening and nutrition education, integrated into summer enrichment programs, after-school programs, and summer garden clubs.


Podcast: All Children Deserve Healthy Food: An interview with Curt Ellis, co-founder of FoodCorps

Right now 100% of our children are growing up in a fast food nation. Imagine a world of well-nourished children: children who know what healthy food is, how it grows and where it comes from, and who have access to it every day. Join Ellen as she interviews Curt Ellis, co-creator of the documentary King Corn and co-founder…


Podcast: Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill, Walks the Talk of Healthy Living

Bob Moore, the legend behind Bob’s Red Mill Bob Moore, founder and owner of Bob’s Red Mill, has transformed the gift of healthy living a thousand times over through his company and his philanthropic giving. Bob and Charlee Moore are leaders in giving:  to the Ending Childhood Obesity Project, a community based program teaching whole…

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Health, the Gift that keeps on Giving

Patricia Warren got healthy doing the Ending Childhood Obesity Project program in Portland, Oregon. Through  the Portland Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and a local community center, she is working to share the gift of health, and increase access to healthier food, inspire healthier families and healthier children in the African-American community.