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Please join Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. to learn more about Chinese nutrition therapy, eating for optimal health and Chinese medicine. Check out the upcoming events either in person or online.

See them listed below.

Ellen Goldsmith is available to speak to your students or organization on Chinese medicine food as medicine and building health and vitality.

In Person & Online: Cooking Demo Class to Prepare for Spring

Food as Medicine
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Previous Talks and Events

  • Food as Medicine Symposium, 2022: The Chinese Nutritional Approach to the Gut Microbiome
  • Portland, Culinary Bookshop: Book Signing and Tasting
  • Qi Summit: Energetic Nutrition
  • Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine: Training of Medical Professionals in Food Energetics
  • Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine Conference
  • Oregon Acupuncture Association Annual Conference
  • Pacific NW Naturopathic Conference:
  • State University of New York: Stony Brook Charles B Wang Center
  • Bastyr University Food as Medicine Conference

About Ellen Goldsmith:

Ellen Goldsmith is a nationally board certified, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who has been practicing, teaching and consulting in the field for the last 30 years. Her integrative body centered and intuitive approach is grounded in decades of study and experience which are key to collaborating and working with people and organizations to support wholeness and health. She is author of the well received book Nutritional Healing with chinese Medicine: + 174 Recipes for Optimal Health which she wrote for her colleagues, students of nutrition and Chinese medicine, her patients and the general public to bring the power of Chinese medicine and nature into our everyday lives.