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    How It Works



    • We listen to you and then carefully inquire into your problems.
    • You have an appropriate physical examination and plan for complete laboratory testing and metabolic assessment.
    • We share what we learn and work with you to create a plan to build a path to better health.



    • We offer a plan, not just a pill.
    • This treatment plan is uniquely designed to help you achieve health.
    • You will have support and guidance to understand steps you can act on.



    • We focus first on relief then on correcting the problem.
    • We work with you to create a plan to maintain your newfound health.
    • Far from being the end of the process, this plan is the beginning of your new road to wellness.


    • I’ve been receiving acupuncture from Ellen at Pearl Natural Health for many years. Over time Ellen has actually cured my tendonitis in both elbows while helping me maintain well-being, in spite of many physical problems typical of an active lifestyle. I particularly recommend Ellen for her gentle manner, empathy and knowledge of Chinese herbology. Everyone at Pearl Natural Health always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.”*

    • I have been seeing Ellen for Acupuncture on and off for 6 years. I truly feel she provides excellent care! I suffered from years of GI pain, and have seen significant improvements. I have a challenging, yet rewarding, job and seeing Ellen for self-care has kept my health in top shape. She is thoughtful, patient, and thorough. A visit leaves me rejuvenated and relaxed.* - W.B.

    •  Ellen was recommended to me for acupuncture to treat my chronic migraines. I have been free of headaches for 8 months and have not renewed my migraine medication for 9 months. Not only am I pain free but I did a cleanse under Ellen’s guidance and have lost over 20 pounds. I have more energy and Ellen was a major factor in supporting me to get there.* -  S.R.

    • Dr. W is an astute diagnostician and a great doctor with excellent "bedside manners." When I visit, I feel that I'm actually having a conversation with my doctor and participating in my own healthcare Dr. W. is unique and I highly recommend him.* -   R.A.