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Experiencing occasional anxiety is part of life, but when anxiety gets in the way of functioning and participating in your life, it is time to seek support and solutions. Whether you are seeking treatment for the first time, are looking to complement your conventional care with naturopathic medicine and acupuncture treatment of anxiety medicine  because your current plan isn’t working or is causing other problems, Pearl Natural Health can offer help.

We welcome people to the clinic with anxiety or depression as a chief complaint to find solutions through comprehensive evaluation and treatments which treat the cause and relieve the symptoms.

We understand that anxiety has numerous causes, many which are part of a fabric that is at times complex and multi-faceted. Anxiety can also be related to many other health issues—nutritional, hormonal, and environmental factors.

There are often traumatic or hereditary factors related to feelings of nervousness and discomfort, and in some cases there are phobias, paranoia, and physical symptoms such as chest tightness, dizziness, digestive problems that inhibit freedom and ease in daily life. Above all, we know that anxiety limits action, and good treatment leads to greater freedom.

Medications are sometimes necessary to manage this condition, but we also know that when the cause of anxiety is explored, and the aggravating factors defined, resources and therapies are available that can make all the difference.

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