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  Specific Carbohydrate Diet Support Group of Portland

Meets the 2nd Thursday of Every Month

Specific Carbohydrate Diet, SCD Support GroupFor more information e-mail Julia Tinkham-Ray at: jtray@pearlnaturalhealth.com

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If you want support for understanding and implementing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), join our monthly support group led by Julia Tinkham-Ray, OTR/L.

Whether you’re new to SCD, have already initiated this change in your life and need some help trouble shooting or tweaking, or have months under your belt and want to join other SCD’ers, there is a place for you. When you join the SCD Support Group of Portland for a $25 annual fee you will have access to:

  • Monthly gatherings/potlucks with SCD legal food
  • The SCD recipe group sharing site
  • Member excursions to community businesses that support the SCD lifestyle
  • Membership in  “What the Gut” Facebook group to network outside of monthly meetings
  •  Julia’s personal/professional knowledge and support
 Specific Carbohydrate Diet from A to Z a treasure trove of support and learning:
  • What are the stages of the diet
  • How to do SCD when traveling, during the holidays snacks and eating on the go
  • Diarrhea to perfect poops
  • The emotional, social, and lifestyle adjustments surrounding SCD success
  • Cravings
  • Recipes
  • Cooking techniques/tools
  • Local and on-line resources that help make SCD part of your road to health, not just a stressful side trip.

We recognize change is not easy. That is why we have the SCD support group.

Join us! E-mail: pearl@pearlnaturalhealth.com

Learn more about Julia Tinkham-Ray’s story of healing

“The SCD support group has been a great resource and aid for me in my battle with Crohn’s disease. The diet has been nothing short of miraculous for me, and I definitely attribute so much of my ability to do it to Julia and the time she gave to me as I was starting out, as well as to meeting and talking with others in the same struggle as myself.” * – D.R.

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