Our physicians and acupuncturist are active speakers and teach in a variety of settings.

Upcoming Events:

Oregon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Conference

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

June 9th,2019

Presenter: Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac.

Cooking with Medicinal Herbs: The Chinese medicine approach

National University of Natural Medicine, Nutrition Program

Portland, Oregon

May 13-14 and June 10 – 11,2017

Presenter: Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Dip. C. H.


Treat the Microbiome…Treat the Whole Person

CAND Conference

June 10  and 11, 2017

Torrance California

Presenter: Gary Weiner, ND, L.Ac.

The Role of an Elemental Diet in the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and Other Conditions Related to a Disordered Microbiome

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Elemental Diets

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, National Conference

July 13, 2017

11:15am – Noon

Phoenix, Arizona

Presenter: Gary Weiner, ND, L.Ac.

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Energetics of Food

Association of Integrative Health and Medicine, Fellowship Program

April – July 25 2017

Presenter: Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Dip. C.H.

Online, Learn more about the AIHM Fellowship Program

Chinese Dietetics

National University of Natural Medicine’s College of Classical Chinese Medicine

July 8th – August 11th,2019

Presenter: Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Dip. C.H.

Portland, Oregon

Learn more about NUNM and their Classical Chinese medicine college


Cooking with Whole Foods, Chinese medicine approach

October 8th

Wellspring School for Healing Arts, Wholistic Nutrition Program

9am – 5pm

Presenter: Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Dip. C.H.

Portland, Oregon

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Healthwatch, KBOO

2nd Monday of each month 11am – 11:30am on 90.7FM

Presenter: Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Dip. C. H.

Ellen interviews well known experts in the field of health and healing including: Mark Hyman, M.D., Sandor Katz, Peggy Orenstein, Nasha Winters, ND, Dr. Amy Meyers, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, Dr. Glen Nagel, Dr. Edie Vickers and on.

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We are available to speak to your organization or offer educational classes  on fatigue, natural thyroid care, SIBO, stress reduction and the treatment of irritable bowel conditions.

If you have a specific interest please leave us a comment and let us know. We want to know what you need to build your health!

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