If you are concerned about your thyroid and your health, call us to set up an evaluation:

Natural Thyroid Care

  • Complete  and unique laboratory testing to determine your optimal thyroid treatment
  • Evaluation of toxicity load, health of your immune system, blood sugar imbalances,  and adrenal function
  • Complete dietary evaluation
  • Comprehensive physical assessment to put your thyroid problem in the context of your whole health


We work together to design and create an effective treatment plan to restore your thyroid health utilizing treatments we have found to be most effective. They include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Individualized Bio-identical compound thyroid prescriptions, including T3 and T4 prescriptions
  • Detoxification and nutritional cleansing to support regeneration
  • Post-thyroidectomy thyroid supplementation
  • Nutritional and Individualized herbal remedies
  • Treatment of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Treatment of Graves Disease
  • Neural Therapy

To restore your health it is important to get to the root, identify any underlying causes  and treat those that contribute to your condition.


“Thanks so much to Dr. Weiner for discovering my type 1 diabetes. I had been seeing a endocrinologist for a year for my thyroid and he never discovered it. Today, I no longer take anything for my thyroid, it is completely restored. Thank you to Pearl Natural Health for the great care.” *


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