LBT At Home Patient Collection Tips for an Accurate Test

An accurate lab test depends on capturing more of your breath than room air in the tube.

An inaccurate test may warrant re-doing it.

  1. Be sure to thoroughly read the Quintron instruction book provided in your test kit before beginning the test.


  1. Please make sure to follow all prep guidelines outlined by the doctor, including a 24 hour prep diet and a 12 hour fast just prior to taking the test.


  1. Take a normal breath before blowing into the tube. Please note, this is not a huge intake of air, in fact if someone was watching it would be almost completely unnoticed.


  1. To ensure that only your breath gets into the tube, create an airtight seal around the tube ensuring only breath, not room air, gets into the sample. Only then blow into the mouthpiece, Make sure that your one breath out, is long and continuous. The blue plastic bag attached to the mouthpiece must be completely inflated (all the way to the end) before collecting the sample.


  1. Accurately label each sample with the time, date and tube number.


  1. If you have any further questions, follow this link to find helpful answers to commonly asked questions along with several demonstration videos: