Podcast: Can eating Gluten Free make me feel better?

gluten free, gluten free diet, Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Samantha Brody, N.D. L.Ac.Gluten Free?!

Will I feel better?

Do you ever find yourself feeling not so good after eating a sandwich? A burrito? A handle full of crackers? How about even drinking a beer? You could have a sensitivity or intolerance to Gluten.

Did you know that there are an estimated 18 Million people in the United States who are sensitive to gluten? What does that mean? What is there to eat in the American diet? Are you going to be regulated to eating salads for the rest of your days? If you are a bit nervous about trying a Gluten Free diet or would just like to learn a little bit more about it, then take a bite out of this episode. We swear, it’s Gluten Free.

Host, Ellen Goldsmith speaks with Dr. Samantha, curator of Gluten Free Portland, and a naturopathic physician all about gluten: what it is and how it can affect your health. We would actually recommend either listening with a group of friends so you can discuss it afterwards or maybe even inviting your children to listen in as well, because they might have something they need to tell you. “Mom, I think I’m Gluten sensitive.”

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Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith is a licensed and nationally board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She has been in the field of Asian medicine for the past 30 years, teaching, speaking and working with thousands of people to give them the resources, skills and tools they seek to improve the quality of their health and lives. Ellen is the author of the well respected book, Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine: + 175 Recipes for Optimal Health. She is on faculty at the National University of Natural Medicine’s College of Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

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