Podcast: Herbs and Seasonal Allergies with Dr. Glen Nagel

Treat your seasonal allergies with herbs!

allergy symptoms and treatment, Pearl Natural HealthIt’s spring in the Pacific NW and for many that can mean misery. If you suffer from seasonal allergies it is also the season of allergy medicine advertising, promoting many over the counter medications designed to ease your symptoms.

If you suffer with allergies, you’re certainly not alone. According to the US National Institutes of Health, more than 50 million Americans live with allergies. This represents the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, is higher among children, and has rapidly increased over the past 15 years. But, did you know that the treatment of allergies with herbs is effective and one of the oldest medicines, going back on record over two thousand years. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary healthcare.

Today we are speaking about seasonal allergies, the symptoms, the causes and how herbal medicine can treat and relieve suffering. Dr Glen Nagel, is a naturopathic physician, a practicing herbalist, and all around herbal wise guy for Glen Nagel, ND, naturopathic physician, herbal medicinethe last 30 years practicing in Oregon. He has apprenticed with leaders in the field, Herbal Ed Smith and Sara Katz, founders of Herb Pharm, Ryan Drum Ph D and wise woman Cascade Anderson Geller.

He has taught at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and is an adjunct professor in botanical medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is currently the lead naturopathic physician for Herb Pharm, a company growing and producing high quality herbal herbal extracts and, educating people on the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs.

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Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith is a licensed and nationally board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She has been in the field of Asian medicine for the past 30 years, teaching, speaking and working with thousands of people to give them the resources, skills and tools they seek to improve the quality of their health and lives. Ellen is the author of the well respected book, Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine: + 175 Recipes for Optimal Health. She is on faculty at the National University of Natural Medicine’s College of Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

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