Julia Tinkham Ray, OTR/L. SCD Diet Pearl Natural Health

Julia Tinkham-Ray, OTR/L

Julia Tinkham Ray, OTR/L, combines the personal experience  of successfully managing her Ulcerative Colitis and her son’s Crohn’s disease with over 20 years of professional work as  an Occupational Therapist to create a unique service for the IBD community:  helping  patients implement strategies to influence the course of their disease toward remission.

With a passion for helping individuals with digestive disorders take control of their health, Julia has taken it on to design an occupational therapy application for inflammatory bowel disease, fueled by proven success with her own condition, her son’s, and so many others whom she has helped in the IBD community.

Julia believes that when lifestyle changes are partnered with treatments by healthcare providers in the Naturopathic and conventional medical professions, a bridge is created that results in individuals reaching for, participating in, and achieving optimal health.


To read more of Julia’s story of her journey and healing of Crohn’s disease in her son and her Ulcerative Colitis, click here.

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“Julia played a pretty big role in my journey back to health.  She inspired me to follow the SCD and realize it was possible, to see Dr. Weiner, and help me be successful in following and understanding the elusive diet…which I had tried initially on my own 2 times unsuccessfully.  It was not easy and I couldn’t have done it without her!” * – A.S.

“Navigating the SCD is really challenging, especially because there is no one-size-fits-all diet. The trial and error can be frustrating and disheartening. I would have given up long ago had I been on my own. Julia is your ally in this journey, patiently following along, offering advice and encouragement.  Julia will help you reach your goals.” * – E.G.D.