What is Gluten? Why Go Gluten Free?

These days it is easier to go gluten free in your diet. Perhaps you are wondering what it is and why it can be a problem. Read on to learn more. Gluten is…. • A protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and many food additives. Gluten is often hidden in foods, which makes reading labels even more important. • These grains are particularly toxic to susceptible individuals due to their gliadin content, a polypeptide (chain of amino acids) contained in gluten.   Why is it a problem? • Gluten can create many behind the scenes symptoms that stress the body over a long period of time leading to weight gain, inflammation, digestive problems, and joint pain. Gluten strikes everyone differently. • People with chronic fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, and auto immune disorders have suppressed immune systems that create an inability to assimilate and digest these foods. • Like

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