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Podcast: Sugar? Fat Chance. Rowing for a Cause

Sugar is it too much? Sami and Meredith think so. Rowing 2400 miles to raise money and awareness on how sugar is detrimental to our health. Sami Inkinen and Meredith Loring are rowing from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii as part of the inaugural Great Pacific Race as a mixed pair. Why are they doing this, unsupported-meaning they will carry all their food (no sugar or processed foods) and gear? First, as they said, “Because we can and we like a good challenge.” Plus they will be promoting healthy eating and the fight against the proliferation of sugar in the global diet. Sami and Meredith are extra- ordinary. All funds they raise on this expedition will go to Dr. Robert Lustig’s Institute for Responsible Nutrition. Inspired? You can show your solidarity cut sugar out of your diet and make a donation to support their expedition here.

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Podcast: Sugar: Hiding in Plain Sight

Think you have your cap on your sugar intake covered? Think again. With 56 aliases, you may be fooled by the foods you buy.

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Podcast: Recovering from Post-Halloween Sugar Blues

Candy Detox! Post Halloween can really throw you off kilter, listen in to learn some delicious alternatives and get your family back on a healthier track.

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